About Us

Ever since its genesis in 1999, Darshika, a time-honored menswear brand, has been dressing up men with everlasting elegance. Sherwanis, Nehru Jackets, Pathani Suits, Bandhgalas, Kurtas - all insinuated with a clean-beaten look. Infusing men's Indian wear with a fresh swig of the contemporary, Darshika's designs are muted in their aesthetic appeal.

The fashionably conscious men of India have a lot to thank our designer, who has been revolutionizing the fashion scene for the past 22 years. We have incorporated every aspect of our infinitely diverse culture into our fabrics, motifs, and lines. Darshika's silhouettes, with their global astute cut, construct, and finish, embody the quintessential techniques of craftsmanship infused with creativity. The designs spell clean lines and are the perfect blend of 'modern meets traditional' - the pieces seamlessly merge the old-world charm with nouveau Indian grandeur. The brand's distinguishing factor is its fine, intricate embroidery and attention to detail, which emanate a classic and minimalistic style in menswear, as well as its timeless textures and competitive price points.

Darshika's work features fine embroidery and bespoke tailoring that truly make us stand out in a herd. Moreover, our garments are rounded up with subtle embellishments like metal, wooden, shell buttons, creative zippers, brooches, and pocket squares. We source aboriginal fabrics like silk and cotton silk and craftsmanship from across the country, thereby preserving the rich heritage of our country. The brand's charter involves pushing boundaries to create unique, aristocratic offerings. Darshika's collection has a pièce de résistance for everyone, from ages 16 to 60. The label caters to all age groups of men who value the essence of slow, handmade fashion. The label amalgamates India’s supreme craftsmanship with global luxury couture.

Darshika Menswear is all about finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express it to the world around you.